Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The joys of school

Isn't it just amazing when you come to school, watch the timetable and realize someone has cancelled some of your lessons? It seems to happen to me more often this week. Yesterday I had only two lessons. Well, actually that was due to a little chat I had with my contact teatcher from the school the other day. When I first started at school she told me we would give it about a month and then see if there are any lessons I would like to skip. And now came the time. I decided that I would not like to attend one subject which I don't even know how to call. But as I used the help from my dearest friend Google Translate, it's supposed to be "Classical Studies".

But still there remains the joy that some teachers just like to make students glad once in a while. Today I was supposed to have five lessons, but it seems they have cancelled English. And I didn't go swimming during the P.E. class as I am a bit ill. So it leaves only three lessons for me to "suffer" in. And so will it be tomorrow. But sometimes it really is a bit annoying when I have long breaks between the classes. At least I have a book to read or hopefully when I'm using my computer there's somebody somewhere who has had the same thought.

I found out that here you can kinda just not to go to school if you choose to. Just not too much. As I need to go to YFU Midyear Seminar next Friday and can't go to school, I asked my classmates who should I tell about it. And they said that I don't have to tell anyone. I just don't come and that's that. I guess it is kinda convenient, yet weird for me who is used to teachers hunting you down in the hallways after you have been absent for a day or so. 

But I can't really wait to see everyone! Now that there is so little time left..
Hopefully I would be back in shape by then - without the runny nose and sore throat.

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