Friday, July 29, 2011

Some time before the plane..

So this is my last post that I'll write from Estonia. And it is in English so everyone could understand it. : )

Last days have been really busy. Basically I've been running through stores trying to find things that I need and also some gifts for my danish family. And hopefully I've got everything. Though now that I have packed my suitcase it seems most of it is still left out. The things I would like to bring just seem to weigh a bit too much. So after I had packed and weight it, I had to throw a lot of things out. But well, I guess I'll manage with fewer clothes in Denmark.

Yesterday I had my farewell party. And it was fabulous. I'm so grateful for everyone who were there and made it so pleasant and also to the ones who couldn't make it but wished me the best. I'm not going to add any pictures from it now as most of them are in my danish friend's (Stig's) camera. But hopefully I'll get them at some point and then share them with you all. About the party. Two of my friends and the first guests - Hain & Rain (soon-to-be exchange student in Norway) - came in and were singing to me. Hain was also playing the guitar. That was adorable. Soon after that we started playing Alias, first in Estonian and then in English so Stig could understand some too. When more people had arrived we had a quiz about me. Some questions were pretty easy as where am I going to go as an exchange student and when will I leave, what schools have I been to, what countries have I been to. But some were a bit harder like when I asked them to name 5 movies that I like or the address of my blog. Still after reading their answers it seemed that some people just know too many things about me. As the night went on we played some parlour games, sang some more and soon it was time to say goodbye. I also gave them paper to write me something that I promised not to read before I'm in Denmark. Imagine the curiosity that I have at the moment!

I'm going to see most of the people who where on my party after a year, but fortunately some also promised to see me off at the airport despite the early time. And some of my friends have said that they will come to visit me in Denmark which is really nice. I am looking forward to that. : )

Some have requested my new address, so here it is:
Christianslund 55
8300 Odder
Now I expect many letters, drawings and packages! But you can always write to my e-mail too. : )

Now I'll try to get some sleep as I have to be in the airport by 4:40 AM. 
Who would've thought that I would actually get to this point when I'm soon going to leave home for the airport and then Estonia for a year? One thing is sure - it feels damnably good! ;D

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  1. Ma käisin ka juulis Taanis. Emal mingi tuttav seal. Igatahes, Taanis sõidetakse kohutavalt palju ratastega. See on nii äge tegelikult. Ratastele on tehtud eraldi tee. Siis Kopenhaageni kohta nii palju,et inimesi oli tõesti palju seal ja koguaeg mingi möll käis. Samas jällegi, Taanis pmst on kõik sellised tellistega vms majad, et mingeid suuri klaasist maju ei näe. Algul mõtlesingi, et kunas siis Kopenhaageni jõuame, kuna lootsin, et mingi suur-suur linn on. Igatahes, Taanis olles võiksid ära käia kindlasti Taani Tivolis, ma käisin seal ja see oli nii äge :D Muidugi mingeid väga palju atraktsioone polnd, aga mis olid, olid ka suht hullud või sellised. Ja mingi koht on veel sarnase nimega nagu su aadress. Kesklinnas mingi ''keelatud linn''. Kus on mingeid joodikud,narkarid võisellised. See oli õudne koht, kuid omaette nähtus :)

    Tunnen kuidagi nii targana,nüüd kui Taanis käisin. Haha. Igatahes, toredat vahetusaastat sulle seal ja ootan edasisi postitusi :) - Lotta